About  Our Country Fields Community


Out community was established in 1996 in Boulder County, Colorado with 208 amazing and beautiful homes.

Values & Goals
Our HOA Board is dedicated to serving our community and neighbors by providing leadership and management that collectively reflect the values and common interests of our community.
  • Preserve and stimulate home values

  • Promote and support safety in our community

  • Maintain our environment and amenities practically and sustainably

  • Encourage and inspire progression and improvement with in the community 

  • Represent the values and common interests of the community as a collective.

  • Support and respect the diverse perspectives, cultures and lifestyles in our community.

  • Be an objective source of leadership for resolving issues and enforcing regulations.

Our Communication Process

Because our HOA board consists of residents who are volunteering in their free time, consistent communication and availability is limited and unpredictable. Many of the board members try to respond to incoming issues and inquiries right away, however, do to careers and other personal commitments, an immediate response may not always be a possibility. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this process.


It is important to direct residents on the order of operations and line of communication with in our homeowners association.

  • Homeowners are always encouraged to contact our management company as the primary resource and contact point for any questions or issues pertaining to architectural submissions, violations, or legal or billing issues.

  • For inquiries involving HOA meetings, community plans, events or discussions, please contact the board or committee chairs directly.  

Order of operations

Most communications are transferred to the HOA President through board directors and committee chairs. The HOA President will either discuss the issue and resolution with the board, or seek additional information and consult with our management company. 

Country Fields

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