Country Fields Bylaw Basics

HOA Regulation Basics

Below are some of the basic rules and regulations for Country Fields. This is list is only intended to be a quick reference guide of the most commonly asked about regulations, and the list is NOT be to considered as a complete list of regulations.


Annual Meetings: At least one annual meeting is to be held every year at which members shall elect directors to fill any vacancies in HOA Board or Directory positions and conduct any other business.

Special Meetings: can be called by the President at any time or by a majority of the Executive Board or by Unit Owners having at least twenty percent (20%) of the votes of the Association.

Meeting Notice: Written notice of each meeting shall be given not less than ten (10) nor more than fifty (50) days in advance of such meeting.

HOA Dues

Each homeowner is responsible for paying to the Association: annual assessments or charges, special assessments, and other charges, fines, fees, interest, late charges, and other amounts. The current HOA Due amount (as of December 2018) is: $208 per yearly quarter.

Property Regulations

Property Maintenance: It is the responsibly of every homeowner to maintain their property's appearance ​and repair. In the event the homeowner fails or refuses to maintain their property's appearance or repair to the Association's satisfaction, the Association reserves the right to perform any or all such maintenance or repair. The cost of any maintenance or repair performed by the Association will billed to the homeowner.​ Further, no modifications to the appearance of the property are permitted without written approval by the Architectural Review Committee. Such modifications include: landscaping, exterior painting colors / schemes, decks & porches, hot tubs, sheds and fencing.

Property Use: Homes within the Association are intended for residential use only, and not for any commercial or professional use. However, such use is allowed so long as the applicable zoning permits such use, there is no external evidence thereof, and there is no unreasonable inconvenience to other residents nearby.

Animals / Pets: Only dogs, cats and other domesticated pets are allowed within Country Fields (provided the animals are not kept for breading or boarding on the property). This does mean that traditionally wild animals like livestock, birds, poultry, reptiles and insects are NOT permitted within Country Fields.

Vehicle Parking: The following items are not permitted to be parked or stored in any exterior area of the home not screened from view by a fence no more than 5 feet tall (6 feet tall for housing bounded by an arterial street). This regulation does not apply when the items are temporarily being parked for loading / unloading purposes.

  • House trailers, camping trailers, boat trailers, hauling trailers, boats or accessories thereto

  • Trucks larger than 3/4 ton

  • Self-contained motorized recreational vehicles, motorcycle, motor home, three-wheeler, dune buggy, snowmobile, jet ski

HOA Bylaws

A digital, searchable copy of the HOA Bylaws can be found below. This version was generated using OCR; however, although every effort was made to validate the copy against the original PDF scan, this version is in NO way the official Country Fields Bylaws. All original copies of the governing documents can be found on the Documents & Forms page.

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