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In with the new To Do's

Here are a few goals I would like to conclude or give further consideration too.

Bylaw Basics

the HOA has decided to review and revamp our outdated Bylaws. we need residents input on new ideas and current arguable items. I would also like to publish the main regulations ("community commandments") to publish on our site for new residents reference.

HOA Reality

The biggest struggle with being an HOA board member is balancing expectation of responsibility and dedication with voluntary commitment of time. We all have outside lives and responsibilities, which make it hard to commit our extra time and attention to managing and addressing HOA responsibilities. We are lucky to have the involvement that we have, however, there is still much to improve upon. My goal is to try and simplify the processes and communications so that we all can contribute and manage our neighborhood as a community with objective discussions and decision making accessible and utilized using modern applications and technologies. (.ie blog, online newsletters, google groups, google docs, google forms, survey monkey, online HOA meeting access via go to meeting, live streaming, recorded sessions on youtube channel) some of these are already in place but our residents simple don't know where to access or how to use them.

Community Committees and Events

you don't have to be a board member to be involved or inspire or lead progression and improvement.

• Social committee

• neighborhood watch

• landscape and environment Committee

Links & Direction

here are a few new features you may not be aware of and how to access and utilize them.

• Google Calendar

- ex.


• Google Groups




• Features coming soon (fingers crossed)

- online meeting access


to be continued

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