Informed & Involved

Stay up to date on current issues
Participate in discussions and give feed back
Help keep communication progressive by becoming a contributing writer.   

The Communication Conflict

Its hard to change old habits without confidence and application in new solutions

The Goal

Is it practical to have an HOA website? There are arguments supporting both sides on this issue. Currently the site is minimally utilized because there is no delegation or commitment to the communication other then voluntary measures. The board needs to commit to regular updates as well as monthly board member meetings in order to make communication effective.

But we already have Facebook and Nextdoor for our communication...

What is the Value?

Discussion and communication directly to and from the board at your convenience. Many are unable to attend board meetings and are rendered uninformed on current topics and events with in the community. Our newsletters and blog will allow board members to communicate up to date information in an established location to reference quickly and easily. It also provides access to information for those who don't participate in social media such as nextdoor or facebook.

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